Tracks 4 Africa V18.10

Tracks 4 Africa V22.05

Garmin CN South America NT - SD

Garmin CN South America NT - SD

Tracks 4 Africa V22.05

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Tracks 4 Africa GPS Maps
Package Includes:

- Tracks 4 Africa V18.10 loaded onto 2GB Mico SD Card with Adaptor
- Install Files for PC & Mac users included on SD Card 
- T4A Warnings preloaded

More About Tracks 4 Africa
Included in V18.10

- 724 637km (up 1% from 717 775km) of roads, detailed tourist coverage and fully routable
- 124 427 (up 4% from 119 717) points of interest
- Most complete and detailed protected areas in Africa (national parks, game reserves, etc.) – 1451 parks in total
- 9 058 (up 10% from 8 251) accommodation listings
- 3 339 (up 13% from 2 949) camp sites - the most complete camping database in Africa
- 5 011 (up 10% from 4 563) places to eat or drink

Tracks4africa produces quality GPS maps for self-drive tourists in Africa. T4A GPS maps provide detailed coverage to tourists across Southern and Eastern Africa. Lots of information is included on places such as national parks, popular rendezvous spots and places off the beaten track.

T4A GPS Maps are preloaded onto an SD card for ease of use. Included in this package you will find:

- 2GB Micro SD card with Standard Adapter.
- T4A GPS Maps are already loaded onto the SD card, simply insert the card into your compatible Garmin GPS and start to navigate.
- Install files for PC and Mac users are also included on the SD card. If your GPS does not use an SD card, simply install the maps onto your computer and transfer to your GPS. You will need Mapsource or BaseCamp from Garmin to do this.
- T4A Africa Guide is preloaded and ready to use on compatible devices. This product contains contact details, rates, activities, facilities and photos for selected points on our maps.
- T4A Road Warnings are preloaded and ready to use on compatible devices.
- Routable coverage: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Angola, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Morocco and West Africa.
- Non-routable coverage: Classic overland routes via North Africa - Tunisia, Libya etc.

Prerequisites: This map is compatible with Garmin map capable GPS units only. You require a copy of Mapsource or BaseCamp to view this map on your computer and to perform route planning. T4A Road Warnings are Custom POI Alerts for compatible units only.

Garmin users
Please note that Garmin users must have MapSource in order to view or load T4A GPS Maps to their devices. Refer to the
FAQs for more information.

The T4A Map is a GPS map constructed by travellers for travellers, people who are serious about travel safety and even more serious about their environment.

T4A GPS Maps is a GPS map for map capable Garmin GPS (Global Positioning Systems) receivers or compatible PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) devices.

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