Garmin Air Vent Mount

Garmin Air Vent Mount

Garmin Air Vent Mount

R 349.00
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See your device in a new way. Attach your nüvi® to the air vent in your vehicle with this mount, an alternative to windshield and dash mounts.

Not compatible with 6-inch and 7-inch models.

Whats in the Box

- Air Vent Mount

Compatible Devices

-  Garmin Drive™ 50
Garmin Drive™ 50LM
Garmin Drive™ 50LMT
Garmin Drive™ 51 LM
Garmin Drive™ 51 LMT-S
Garmin DriveSmart™ 50LMT
Garmin DriveSmart™ 50LMTHD
Garmin DriveSmart™ 51 LMT-S
Garmin fleet™ 590
iPhone® 5 Active Mount
nüvi® 2250
nüvi® 2350
nüvi® 2360LT
nüvi® 2455LM
nüvi® 2455LMT
nüvi® 2455LT
nüvi® 2457LMT
nüvi® 2460LT
nüvi® 2475LT
nüvi® 2495LMT
nüvi® 2497LMT
nüvi® 2539LMT
nüvi® 2555LM
-  Nüvi® 2555LMT
nüvi® 2555LT
nüvi® 2557LMT
nüvi® 2558LMTHD
nüvi® 2559LMT
nüvi® 2577LT
-  Nüvi® 2589LMT
nüvi® 2595LMT
nüvi® 2597LMT
nüvi® 2598LMTHD
nüvi® 2599LMTHD
nüvi® 30
nüvi® 3450
nüvi® 3450LM
nüvi® 3490LMT
nüvi® 3550LM
nüvi® 3590LMT
nüvi® 3750
nüvi® 3790T
nüvi® 40
nüvi® 42
nüvi® 42LM
nüvi® 44
nüvi® 44LM
nüvi® 465LMT
nüvi® 465T
nüvi® 50
nüvi® 50LM
nüvi® 52
nüvi® 52LM
nüvi® 54LM
nüvi® 55
nüvi® 55LM
nüvi® 55LMT
nüvi® 56
nüvi® 56LM
nüvi® 57
nüvi® 57LM
nüvi® 58
nüvi® 58LM
nüvi® 58LMT
Universal Smartphone Mount

More Information
Manufacturer Garmin
Product Source Garmin Southern Africa