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Ay Up Road Kit

Ay Up Road Kit

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AY UP Road Kit
The Road Kit with its high powered LED light has been designed for all types of road bike cyclists. It is a favourite with commuters, weekend warriors and club riders alike all over the world.

The light is 700+ lumen with an intermediate beam. It has independently rotatable light casings so you can stagger your beam if required. The lights and battery are lightweight and waterproof. The newly designed rechargeable B2000 battery has 3 power levels (100%, 50% and 25%), flashing and fuel gauge. Minimum burn on high = 2 1/2 hrs, Minimum burn on medium = 4 hrs, Minimum burn on low = 8 hrs, Flashing = 14+hrs

The kit is packed in a spacious zippered case and has all of our 3 mounting systems inside. The handlebar mounting system includes 2 handlebar mounts which makes it easy to swap your lights from bike to bike. Also included is our Gecko helmet mounting system and our new head torch harness.

What is included in this kit:

- 1 x 700+ lumen intermediate beamed light
- 1 x B2000 battery with 3 power levels, flashing and fuel gauge
- Single channel charger and power adaptor for your country
- Head torch harness
- Mounting system for handlebars and helmet
- Red Saxon caps
- 12v car charger
- System weight is 230 grams (battery and mounts included)

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